We’re Scalability Cloud Architecture Artisans

At Laf Innovative, our happy place is in front of the computer, plugged in, building something new and exciting. Need we say more?

Our Specialties

Project Rescue

Hired the wrong engineer? We’re here to help you through the pain. We’ll evaluate the quality of what code you have and give you a fair assessment of what it will take to rescue your project.

Custom Engineering

Have an idea for a web or mobile application? We’d love to hear about it! Feel free to get in touch with us so we can discuss options.

Cloud Services

DNS, Provisioning, Tuning, Security. Tired of hearing these words? We can handle everything from setup to production and provide ongoing maintenance for as long as you need.

Design, Build & Incubate

Part of our time is spent building internal projects. Few of these projects ever see the light of day, but the most viable are launched, grown and sold to investors.